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LIVE Lecture Saturday at 2:00 pm (EST)

Also Listen by Conference Call 712-432-0075 – Code 129035#

Prayer Schedule
Fajar = 6:00
Thuhr = 1:30
Asar = 5:00
Maghrib = 10 min after Athaan
Esha = 8:45
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Albaseerah Islamic Center - Classes Schedule
Please Click HERE to see details of Classes and Activities at Albaseerah Islamic Center 1345 South Ave. Plainfield NJ 07062
Call (908) 312-1345
Hifth - Quraan Memorization School
Quraan Memorization School offers daily and weekend classes for Adult and Children for Brothers and Sisters. Come join us at 1345 South Ave. Plainfield NJ 07062
Hajj 2017
Click HERE for Package details Great Quality packages at the Cheapest price possible - GUARANTEED! Register Now for Hajj 2017
LIVE Lectures of Scholars
Albaseerah Radio Unique Opportunity to benefit and seek knowledge directly from Scholars. Please Click HERE to Listen NOW Click Here to Post Your Questions for Scholars
Learn Arabic Language
Learn Arabic Language from the comfort of your home. A Unique Two Years Program to bring you closer to Allaah. Click HERE for details

Upcoming Events and Activities


Arabic Language Course
Arabic Language Course
Quran Programs, Sunnah Programs, Teaching Programs
Summer of Knowledge
Summer of Knowledge
Quran Programs, Sunnah Programs, Teaching Programs
Quran Programs, Sunnah Programs, Teaching Programs

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    Plainfield, New Jersey
    Sunday, 26th March, 2017
    27th Jumada-Al-Thani, 1438

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

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