Grammar Review Course

Grammar Review Course

~ Arabic Language – Grammar Review Course- ~
~ Learn Arabic Language ….the Proper Way ~

~ Bringing YOU closer to Allaah ~

    The topics to be reviewed in these sessions include:

  • Mudaaf wal-Mudaafu ilayh, Al-Jumlatul-Ismiyyah, An-Na`tu wal-Man`uut, Ad-Damaa’ir, Ta’neethul-Faa`il, Taa’ut-Ta’neeth, Noonun-Niswah, Dameerul-Mukhaatabil-Muttasili bil-Faa`il, Al-Mubtada’u wal-Khabr, Al-Ishaaratu ilaa Jam`i Ghayrul-Aaqil, Kam, Al-`Adad, Al-Mamnoo`u minas-Sarf,
  • Inna wa La`alla, Al-Istifhaamu bil-Hamzah, Ismu Tafdheeli, Lakinna wa Ka’anna, Al-A`daadul-Murakkabah, Al-`adadut-Tarteebiyyu, Al-Istifhaamu Al-Manfiyyu, Al-Fi`lil-Maadhee ilad-Damaa’ir, Lima
  • As well as an introduction in English to Al-Ajroomiyyah which will be taught starting from AR201. All Arabic language students are invited to attend these courses as a refresher and reminder of basic grammar principles.
  • The course is open to all and is FREE.
  • Starting February 7th, 2016


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