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We at Al-Quraan wa As-Sunnah Society of New York thank Allaah Azza Wa Jal for giving us the tawfeeq to successfully organize four/ educational and spiritual Seminers, The Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq Seminar, Umar Ibnul Khattab (UIK) Seminar, Uthmaan Ibn ‘Affan (UIA) Seminar, & Ali Ibn Abi Taalib Seminar Radi Allaahu ‘Anhum.
As Stated by the Scholars as well as participants all seminars were of great benefit, full of blessings, great success and “exceptional life time experience which will never be forgotten” Read participant’s statements HERE.
Alhamdulillaah, for past three seminars, more than 60 scholars/Mashaykh participated/lectured, 20 + books and Ar-Rasaail were tutored, and more than 270 classes and circles were organized. Click on “Quick Menu” (right) for details.

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Seminars are unique mix of informative field trips, Eemaan boosting exclusive trips and full scale tarbiyyah programs to help participants get close to Allaah, provide opportunities to sit and learn from leading and most knowledgeable scholars of our time, and cultivating the participants upon balanced and tolerant methodology.
The seminars, the lectures, and the schedule details are specially designed for participant’s to help them increase their Eemaan, enhance knowledge, foster better understanding and nurture proper usage (and implementation) of Usool and Qawaaid.
We thank Allaah (swt) for enabling us to achieve our goals in exceeding the expectations of all participants.
Almost all participants unanimously stated that “Seminars was above and beyond what they expected, full of surprises, knowledge and brotherhood” Click HERE
And the Tawfeeq is only from Allaah..


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Albaseerah Islamic Center formerly known as Al-Quraan Wa As-Sunnah Society of New York, also known as Albaseerah is an Islaamic da’wah and educational organization that has been active since 2001.

Our goal is to provide easy access to authentic Islaamic information and connect the people to Quraan and Sunnah and to provide them with opporunities to benefit from World's Leading, Most Profound, and Renownd Scholars

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