Classes For All (Brothers & Sisters – Youth & Adult)

Day Time Subject
Friday After Asar My Family – My Home – My Jannah
Friday After Maghrib Tafseer
Saturday 3:00 PM Fiqh Class
Saturday After Asar Arabic Level One
Saturday After Maghrib Fiqh Class
Sunday After Asar Arabic Level Two
Sunday After Maghrib Seerah Class
Monday After Magrib Learn Spanish Language & ESL
Tuesday After Magrib Aqeedah Classe
Wednesday After Magrib General Class
Thursday After Magrib Explanation of Select Ahadeeth
Daily Classes at Albaseerah Islamic Center

Classes For Sisters

Day Time Subject
Friday After Asar My Family – My Home – My Jannah
Saturday After Thuhr Sister Quran Class
Saturday 3:00 PM Sisters Fiqh Class

Kids Weekend School – Hifth & Islamic Studies

Day Time Subject
Saturday After Thuhr Kids School
Saturday After Thuhr Kids School

Special Events

Day Time Subject
1st Saturday of Each Month After Asar Sisters Event
2nd Saturday of Each Month After Asar Youth Event
Last Saturday of Each Month After Asar Family Night


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Ongoing and Upcoming Events

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Albaseerah International Institute

Albaseerah Islamic Center formerly known as Al-Quraan Wa As-Sunnah Society of New York, also known as Albaseerah is an Islaamic da’wah and educational organization that has been active since 2001.

Our goal is to provide easy access to authentic Islaamic information and connect the people to Quraan and Sunnah and to provide them with opporunities to benefit from World's Leading, Most Profound, and Renownd Scholars

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