Live Lectures of Scholars

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  • Masaajid, Islamic Centers and Groups:
    • Use our Telephone Conference Calling System. Simply Dial following phone number from a speaker phone and then put mick onto speaker.
    • Telephone # = 1-712-432-0075
    • Code = 129035
    • For further details, please email

Hajj & Umrah with Scholars

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Labbayk Allaahumma Labbayk – Hajj 2017 –
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Al-Hamdulillaah – After many Successful Umrah and Hajj trips combined with Educational and Spiritual Seminars, now it pleases us to invite you to our Unique and Comprehensive trip to perform Hajj
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Albaseerah Hifth School

Full Time and Part Time

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Ongoing and Upcoming Events

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    Plainfield, New Jersey
    Monday, 27th March, 2017
    28th Jumada-Al-Thani, 1438