Qur’aan Course

Qur’aan Course

Learn how to recite the Qur’aan correctly, and understand principles, rules and the etiquette of reading.
This course will cover makhaarij, sifaat, important hukm, and also allow for practical application of information presented.
This study of the Science of Tajweed increases knowledge of the Book of Allaah, boosts confidence, and prepares participants for proper and efficient memorization.
Tajweed Basics A is the first part of the second level of the program: Noorul-Quloob for preservation of the Qur’aan. This module covers the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Tajweed: the definition, derivation, fruits, virtues and objectives.
  • Makhaarij & Sifaat: a brief introduction to characteristics with opposites and those without
  • Ibtidaa’ and Waqf: how to begin recitation, hamzatul-wasl, various stops and how they are applied
    Laam At-Ta`reef: sun and moon letters

Sister Umm Mujaab, Imani Abdul-Zahir
Umm Mujaab is a student of the Qur’aan who is trained in the rules and recitation of Hafs `an `Aasim. She has been an instructor of basic Tajweed rules and applications since 2009 online and in local masaajid.

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