Participant Interviews

Abu Hudayfah ID # U2701 wrote:

“My experience at the Umer Ibn Al Khitab educational seminar has been the experience of a lifetime. If I could find the words to describe the emotion inside of me regarding it I could write many pages. Special and royalty treatments like praying inside of the Kaaba was an experience of a lifetime. To sit with Ulemah is once again beyond my ability to describe. Their gentleness, eagerness, impressive teaching style, genuine affection and a lot more can’t be described in word. In closing, I hope to return next year and to bring my wife insha Allah. This trip has been so much more than I had expected, and I plan to share it with the people in my community, so that others might be encouraged to participate next year insha Allah.”

S. Bilal ID # V2732 wrote:

” This educational seminar has been the most beneficial that I have ever seen in my 54 years. Al-Quran wa as-Sunnah Society of New York has fulfilled this blessed Manhaj’s responsibilities, ie. returning the important affairs of our religion to the people of knowledge. Accommodations were five star from beginning to end.”

N. A. Khan ID # C2725 wrote:

“Subhanallah! This trip cannot be compared to any other trip that I have had so far in my life. Never before did I get the opportunity to sit in the same room with so many learned and knowledgeable shuyookh and learn from them directly. To top it all the exclusive visit to masjid An-nabawi. It was just stunning and unbelievable that I was in a Raadul Jannah for such a long time undisturbed without anyone pushing or pulling me or trying to take my place. At last my feelings could best be understood from this last sentence that Inshal Allah I plan to bring my whole family to the next seminar in order that all of us benefit from it BI-IZNI ALLAH.”

M. Alkady ID # ???? wrote:

“When we got to Makkah and everything seems to get better and better. My felling about this trip is that I thank Allah then the Administration for giving me this beautiful trip in the holy land. I am confidence to say that it is the best thing I have ever done in my life. Jazak Allah Khirun.”

Abu Ahmad ID # N2702 wrote:

“The program has been excellent and very beneficial with a variety of excellent experiences. I would recommend this for any daee, Imam or serious student to apply and hopefully be accepted too take advantage of direct learning form the Ma’shaikh. The organizers have been understanding, honest, fair and hopefully very confidential with our personal private information’s including any examination results.”

A. Ahmed ID # C2785 wrote:

“This was a very good opportunity to grow as a real student. We were very fortunate. After this seminar I can continue to learn many things. Jazak Allah o Kherun for so many positive experiences. The administration team and everyone participating were very helpful. I’m not sure at all how to thank everyone enough.” Once again Sheikh Zahid and administration showed wonderful examples of good Islamic manners, and I am very thankful to them.”

E. Selmanovic ID # NY2747 wrote:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone that made this seminar possible from the person that came up with that idea of such a seminar to the people that made the seminar go smoothly. Personally I never thought I would be a part of such a seminar, but it is only by the permission and blessings of Allah that such a seminar was organized. It has definitely exceeded my ALL expectations, not just the fact that we got an exclusive visit to the Rowdah, or witnessed the washing of the kaba and prayed inside the Kaba. we had the opportunity to visit the two holy masajids for three weeks and to be around brothers that will help you and motivate you to do good whether its through giving sincere advice or just observing the action of that person. As far as being in the company of the scholars, then this is indeed one of the high points in my life. Being able to learn from them first hand, observing their manners, seeing their characteristics and incredible ability of memorization, this will definitely change my perception the next time I hear a lecture from them or read a book by them when I go back to the states.”

N. Shakir ID # M2712 wrote:

“May Allah reward you for organizing such a complete spiritual journey for all of us. I am very very impressed and extremely happy with my experience. This trip has been a phenomenal experience that I would never forget and it almost seem like a dream and I can’t wait to go back and tell stories to my children and bring them with me to the future seminar in sha Allah.”

A. Abdulzahir ID # O2777 wrote:

“Alhmadolillah Rubil Alameen, this is the best time I ever had in my life. I have been in Makkah and Madina 3 times before but the experience I have had with this seminar is nothing like it. No comparison with other past trips. The trip was underpaid because what was offered could have never covered with what was paid, like the 5 star accommodation, best food, good programs, special visits, a lot of royalty treatment and the best of all was sitting with the top Islamic scholars. Basically I can say I am not worthy or deserving of what I have gotten on this trip. It has never been in my life that I was taking notes in my class and to the left of me below in Kaaba People and birds were making Tawaf (circling the Kaaba). Subhan Allah this does not happen in your life often and it doesn’t get any better than this.”

N. Shakeer ID # F2765 wrote:

“The best thing happened to me was this seminar where I met some of the top scholars. I always heard them on tapes, and read their books, and new them by names, not by their faces. Subhan Allah I never though I would actually sit with them, listen to them and learn directly from them. It was great blessing from Allah SWT. I don’t think I am able to thank Allah SWT enough for this blessing.”

A. Aminzay ID # V2711 wrote:

“Alhamdullilah, going on umrah was the best thing I have ever done in my life so far. I highly recommend it to anyone . As far as Al-Baseerah is concerned, I do not know that you can find a better package. Field trips were excellent, Mashallah. Sitting with some of the top scholars was one of the best thing ever happened to me and I have never found any seminar or program or trips offers this much sitting with the top Scholars. Allhamdolillah and thanks to dear administration who made all this possible.”

Umm Dymond ID # M2708 wrote:

“Dear Organizer I am well aware that the amount of the money paid to attend does not equal the amount of rewards and services received. May Allah reward the entire team for such great work and such a successful seminar. The trip have all been great especially the twilight dinner with the Ulamas!!. Others would have charged thousands of dollars for a plate to attend such an event with just one of their “special people”. As far as the Knowledge go my hand is hurting from taking so many notes but it’s a good kind of hurts. Jazak Allah o Khirun.”

D. Jefferson ID # M2713 wrote:

“I really can’t express the way I feel right now. (It feels like a dream). I will say that going to madinah and Makkah and being able to sit with scholars is the best thing I have ever experienced. I really truly wish that the seminar was longer but I am very great full to Allah Ta Alaa and the to our dear administration team who made all this possible.”

A. Bader ID # ???? wrote:

“Brother Farooq truly we are taking too many good things from (administration) and Allah loves those who are thankful so can we have some type of secret meeting to do something great for (administration) to thank them as a surprise inshallah. I truly feel overwhelmed by all of what has been done and I am sure rest of the brothers and sisters also feel the same way so let us do something.”

S. Muhammad ID # INT-TRN wrote:

“It was amazing to actually be present in the same room with the shuyuukh that we would hear only on the internet. We were honor to be with them and learn from them directly and of course attempted to peek at them and some what successful through the partition. The other best things was the ziaraat where we were able to pray Rakaat & Rakaat peacefully and quietly and I enjoyed giving salaams to our beloved prophet peace be upon him where normally wouldn’t be possible without a great hassle.”

C. Deloateh ID # N2754 wrote:

“This seminar was a breath taking experience for me. Though I am here only for a short period I feel pace, happiness, security, and truthfully I don’t want to lave. I pray insha Allah that next year I will be able to return with my 17 years old son, 20 years old daughter, 22 years old daughter and my husband. I must comment on all the beautiful, breath taking lectures that were given to us. It was so dynamic knowing that many scholars were available to us. May Allah reward them for coming and may Allah reward you for putting together such a dynamic, super seminar. This experience has been so marvelous, word just can’t explain. One other thing, the dinners at the sheiks house were awesome, a fantasy come true. Once again, this was not only a seminar but the super best seminar / vacation to remember forever. Even though I have to leave, I will hold this experience insha Allah in my heart forever.”

M. Begawala ID # 2750 wrote:

“Alhamdulillah, the seminar has gone extremely well so far. It has exceeded all expectations of mine. What I have found very surprising is that special treatment and conditions that were provided for us. The mushayak that attended were very knowledgeable and alhamdullillah we have benefited a lot. I would never have dreamed that we would get private session at the Rawda or get to go inside the Kabaa. I am looking forward to the next seminar impatiently and the activities that will come surprisingly.”

W. Shaieff ID # N2751 wrote:

“Respected Sheikh Zahid all praises is for Allah who brought about this opportunity for me, my family, and all the rest of the people who we are surrounded by. It is wonderful to see how so many people from so many various backgrounds can come together solely for the sake of Allah SWT. I am very graceful to you and the rest of the administration. I have been enjoying every aspect of this program, allhamdolillah. I could never have imagined in my life to sit and learn from so many great scholars first hand. We always have heard these lectures but only this time it didn’t seems like old stories and history. The Scholars made it so different and live that it went straight to the heart. Attending this seminar has really opened my eyes to the correct understanding responsibility of Islam. I have a lot to say but i am running out of words, time, ink and papers By the grace of Allah. We got to go to places and see things that I could have never even dreamed of!!! May Allah bless you for your efforts in organizing these trips. Jazak Allah Khirun.”

S. Abdul Hadi ID # M2771 wrote:

“May Allah rewards you with much good and makes all of your efforts multiplied and heavily on your scale. I am completely enjoying myself and have benefited greatly from everything. I want you to understand that in my opinion this trip is excellent. I prey that Allah allow me and my sister to return next years. This has been one the best trip I ever took. The food was delicious. Overall the seminar has been wonderful. Finally I ask Allah SWT to reward you for your efforts.”

S. Johnson ID # J2703 wrote:

“I have been to the land of the two holy mosques now three times. I feel that the trip was a success in that it connected me with the Ulumaa in person and the students of the Ulumaa and other people of knowledge. The schedule was packed with scheduled lessons and lectures from morning to the evening. The climax of UIK seminar was a talk given by the honorable sheikh grand mufti Abdul Aziz. My main goal in coming was to learn good character and obtain knowledge and I think it was marvelous.”

T. Abdurrehman ID # M2706 wrote:

“These past twenty-one days have been the best in my life without exaggeration. I had no idea that this seminar would change my outlook on my self and my deen.” ” Later on we were asked to meet in front of the masjid for a surprise. We all got there at 10:30 at night and the masjid is closed except for one door and the security guards are waving us in!! What!! We entered Masjid An-Nabiwee and it was completely empty.”

Umm Tawoos ID # N2730 wrote:

“Alhamdulillah this seminar experience can not be described in words. As soon we landed at Jeddah Airport there was a guide to help us with our affairs. The whole seminar was just outrage. I never thought that I would be part of an experience such as this subhanallah. I get an overwhelming feeling to know that I am a part of something so powerful. This was all possible by Allah Subhanho WA Taala and then administration who is looking for reward in the hereafter only.”

A. M. Callister ID # M2707 wrote:

“May Allah have mercy on you and reward you with good. This trip has brought reality to my life. I had a lot of fun and I am very thanking full to Allah SWT and then to QSSNY. This was truly the greatest single experience I ever had in my life.”

A. Bader ID # N2748 wrote:

“This program is Far Too Amazing and valuable to worry about the finances especially since what we paid is nothing at all compared to what we have been receiving.”

M. Ahmed ID # ???? wrote:

“I have found these lectures to be very beneficial mashallah. Jazakallahu khairan to all the brothers who have organized and ran the program. To be able to be in the company of the scholars and to learn directly from the scholars is a blessing and it is not something any has a chance in their life.”

B. Pettiford ID # ???? wrote:

“This trip in all and in little was so beneficial, spiritually and mentally. Seeing the Mashayakh and how they walk, talk, how they carry themselves, how they are as far as brotherhood, their knowledge and many more things Subhanallah, if I kept going I probably would have like 10 pages. May Allah bless you Shaikh Zahid and the mashaikh and everyone who had a helping hand in organizing this trip believe me I benifitted tremendously from it. And may Allah allow you to have many many more of these seminars in the future, Ameen.”

H. Shareed ID # ???? wrote:

“I wouldn’t regret being apart of the Umer Ibn al-khatab educational seminar again. Coming here to madina and as the classes begin I realized how much I did not want to go back and want to remain part of this blessed trip. As far as the lectures go Allhamdolillah they have been very beneficial because I learned that there is lot of knowledge to grasp from the scholars and to be learned and implemented. I learned that I was quit behind on the suras and memorization. This seminar was just one of its kinds and I would recommend to anyone who wishes to learn about Islam.”

Z. Simtse ID # U2771 wrote:

“I was seriously impressed by the speeches were given at this seminar. We learned beneficial knowledge from the greatest of the Ulemaa of our time. Accommodations, food, and transportation through out the trip were a great quality. Overall experience was wonderful.”

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