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Please Support our projects in spreading the deen of Allaah, may Allaah open the doors of Rizq for you from the heavens and from all blessed corners of earth for you and your noble family.

Donate Today and help build this Masjid for the Sake of Allaah

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This Ramadaan Please DONATE generously for the Construction of our Masjid

Albaseerah Services are Dedicated to serve YOU for the sake of Allaah

We sincerely appreciate all the support and enthusiasm of the community for our Dawah projects. Thank you for helping make our goal (of bridging the gap -between scholars and YOU) a reality! Remember, every life we touch, YOU have a part in! Indeed every dawah project we work on its blessings flows over everyone that has contributed to its efforts.
Beloved brothers and sisters – May Allaah Shower His Rahmah upon you In an effort to disseminate the correct message of Al-Islaam, make it easily and freely accessible to all, provide multi services to our local and global community, We at are looking for qualified individuals for many projects we have embarked upon. Such projects need professional and dedicated individuals such as yourself.

We strongly Believe in YOU !

We strongly believe that every single one of you is blessed with unique qualities. Allaah has given you great skills and abilities to do many things. Some of you may have already discovered such qualities & skills and some of you may not have realized that you actually have so many skills but you need someone to “awake you up” so here we are !!! Please email us at
Our Dawah projects are calling YOU. Specially this project can’t be successful without your help so stretch out your hands and say out loudly WE ARE READY TO HELP !!!
Let’s help you explore many good qualities you possess which you may utilize to further the cause of Al-Islaam and help spread the authentic and balanced message of Al-Quraan and As-Sunnah.
If you are of those fortunate Muslims who have some free time and are willing to invest in the noble and multitude of rewards bearing projects, then we invite you to lend us your hand and your reward is with Allaah Subhanahu wa ta’Aala.

We are in need of brothers and sisters to take care of different responsibilities and to make Ta’wun ‘Ala Al-Birr wa At-Taqwaa … so let’s get in line, seeking Mercy and blessings of Allaah.

What would you benefit ?

Even though you would volunteer seeking rewards only from Allaah, but, as a token of appreciation, and in recognition of your great services we will offer many benefits which will include –but not limited to-

1 = One Year worth of Audio lectures (Albums).
2 = Fully paid intensive courses.
3 = Audios of yearly seminars.
4 = DVD/Videos of Seminars
5 = Upto 50 % discount for summer seminars (worth more than $1000.00 )


We believe no job is too big, every single sincere Muslim can get involve in Dawah activities regardless of his/her age, race, academic background or experience.
Please email us at at your earliest convenience for our project details. We will reply to your email promptly insha Allaah, meanwhile, if you wish to get involved right NOW, take part in noble projects, earn your share of rewards, maximize the benefit and contribute to Dawah efforts, we humbly request that you do following:
1 = Remember us in your Duaas and pray for success of Islaam and Muslims.
2 = Print, copy, distribute and post the FLYERS in your Masaajid and community Centers.
Print Flyers Now = Seminar Flyer PDF — JPG _________ Hajj Flyer PDF — JPG
3 = Arrange to broadcast lectures in your local Masjid, its absolutely FREE
4 = Invite your family members and friends and listen to LIVE lectures at a convenient location.
5 = Add in your favorite list and ask others to do the same.
6 = Request admins of websites, discussion boards, blogs to add albaseerah link.
7 = Sponsor an ad in various magazines, newspapers and publications.
8 = Join Albaseerah Team, Become part of ever growing albaseerah FAMILY. To find out more about joining albaseerah team please email us at
9 = Please share with us your thoughts and suggestions. We welcome your feed back, comments, and constructive criticism.

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